MVC Board Enacts New Registration Policy

In an attempt to improve efficiency and to curb the number of rehearsal absences, in June of 2007 the board enacted a new policy that requires all members to register within the first two rehearsals for every concert throughout the year.

Registration Policy

All members -- new and old alike -- must pay dues (if necessary), register and get music by the second week of any rehearsal series to sing in the forthcoming concert. Those who cannot, for whatever reason, need to make special arrangements with library personnel for their music; notify the personnel director of their intent; and obtain special permission from the music director to join at any time after the second rehearsal. Such absences will count towards the three allowed in each rehearsal series.
-MVC Board of Directors

This action was taken for a variety of reasons. One, it will ease the burden on librarians who wonít need to carry music from the library at the St. Stanislaus Center for the Arts to the Inman Center week after week. Two, it will speed up record keeping and the development of rosters and attendance cards. Three, it will enable the music director to make necessary program changes earlier, based on the makeup of the chorus.

Although it will, the board hopes, improve attendance and uniformity, it is flexible enough to provide for emergency situations and for our snowbirds. As long as the individual notifies the library and the personnel director and obtains special permission from the music director to begin rehearsals after the second week, he or she may pay dues by mail and arrange to have their music mailed (at his expense) or he may ask another member to register (pay dues and get music) for him. Snowbirds have been doing the mail route for years.

All-in-all, it should make MVC a more efficient and better rehearsed chorus. Thatís the point and the purpose.